Pool Test Kits


Pooltest 3

Compact and waterproof, the Pooltest 3 provides the core parameters required to manage and service swimming pools. Supplied in hard or soft cases, the key features include:

  • Simple tablet reagent methods – based on the original Palintest DPD system for pool disinfection control

  • Language-free operation using four simple function keys and a large, back lit LCD screen

  • Data memory for the last 10 results.


Pooltest 6

Regardless of location, the Pooltest 6 will provide the critical information required to protect both the bather and the pool infrastructure in a compact, easy-to-use photometer.

Key features include:

  • Simple tablet reagent methods – stable, portable and suitable for all users

  • Waterproof with a large, back lit LCD screen – ideal for any location

  • Hard and soft case kits containing all required components to start testing straight away.


Pooltest 9 Premier

pools are located, the Pooltest 9 Premier is also present ensuring that bather safety and comfort are protected. Additional testing capability improves the control of key parameters such as Water Balance, all in an intuitive and accurate photometer. Key Features include:

  • Quick test selection via the keypad – push one button and start testing

  • Waterproof to IP67 and a choice of power options – suitable for all locations

  • Waterproof USB port for download of 100 results with date, time and sample ID.


Pooltest 25 Professional Plus

Swimming pool testing can take many forms from simple visual products to sophisticated yet intuitive electronic instruments. Professional pool testing should always be carried out with a photometer and the Pooltest 25 Professional Plus is the choice of major international events such as Beijing 2008 and London 2012.

Key Features include:

  • The most comprehensive range of tests available, including both Langelier Saturation Index and Water Balance

  • Waterproof and battery powered for poolside – mains powered and simple-to-use for retail use

  • USB port for download of 1,000 results with date, time and sample ID.