Pool Covers


T Star Pool Covers

T-Star Enterprises, Inc. is an American-owned business. Every product they sell is quality crafted in our Oakland, California plant, by a team of skilled, dedicated, local personnel.

T-Star Enterprises is the world’s largest supplier of commercial swimming pool/spa Heat Saver Blankets and Storage Reel Systems. The pool covers are precision crafted using the highest quality materials and workmanship. Each cover is tailored to the customer’s specification.

The EnergySaver product line supports the conservation of the world’s natural resources, reduction of facility operating expenses and ensures public safety and enjoyment of all aquatic facilities.

This pool cover boasts features such as brass grommets, load dispersing plates, heavy-duty hinges,UV-resistant polyester thread, weighted anchor edges, and reinforced rail and ladder cutouts, making it the most effective cover system available for complex, irregularly shaped, and multi-functional pools with various water features. The EnergySaver Standard provides the best thermal pool cover value on the market. It lasts for years and saves money, paying for itself within two years on average in energy savings (at pre-2006 heating costs), water evaporation, and chemicals costs.

EnergySaver “XER”
This high-strength cover is designed for heavy duty use in punishing environments. It has all the features included in the EnergySaver Standard, plus heavy duty materials for greater abrasion resistance and strength, stronger seam configurations, and super-reinforced ends.